Encinitas Women’s Golf Clinics

As a female golf professional, Heidi offers a warm, encouraging and comfortable environment for women of all skills levels.  Beginners just joining the game will be introduced to all areas of instruction, and will get answers to any questions about other common concerns, such as overcoming nerves and building confidence, how and where to practice, getting out to play on the golf course, equipment needs and more.  More experienced players can utilize the private practice facility and training center to work on golf swing goals, and become connected with other women players.  All instruction is structured based on the needs, skills and goals of each client.

• See your Full Swing on Video – Compare to a cute tour pro!
• Why you have ALL of these clubs and which ones work? Figure that out!
• Work on your Short Game (not your Tall game) It’s Over 50% of Your Score!
• That means Chipping and Pitching and Putting– YOUR GOAL: THE GREEN!
• Get on the Green and then do something about it! MAKE A PUTT!
• How to get off the first tee without a meltdown or a whiff!
• Where the @#$%^ is my ball?? What rule should I use?
• Now I’m a golfer! Where should I play and with whom? So many choices!
• No questions are too small, any needs are addressed, success guaranteed

Classes are open to all